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We are a small team of marketers who do not just love their daily work, but consider marketing as the most exciting project of our lives. We’re ready to offer our positive and productive mood of all comers!

We aren’t going to convince those managers and business owners who are confident that they don’t need marketing.

We are ready to cooperate productively with those who want to create an effective marketing and sales department with specific goals, measurable results.

We don’t waste our time and resources on excessive “trashy advertising” or “promotion at any cost” of our services, because we believe that the best attraction to our company will always be the feedback from our satisfied partners.

We always approach the solution of marketing tasks individually, without templates and copying.

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Maxim Maclay
Marketer-analyst, Business Development Consultant
CEO of “Maclay Marketing”, member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)

The key indicator of any activity is the result only. Idealist. He can be either a diplomat or an emotional leader in communication, however, in his work gives only a strict answer “yes” or “no” and thus constantly surprises even the most sophisticated negotiators.

He began his career with the duties of a courier in a car magazine, then continued with the activities of a journalist. In two years he reached the position of deputy editor-in-chief. Simultaneously with the work, Maxim gained theoretical knowledge that was required for a future specialist at the Faculty of Economics of BSU (Belarus State University, Minsk).

Combining journalism with PR activities for network advertising agencies, Maxim Maclay increasingly was seized by strategic marketing. Yes, and it was not the “marketing” that is used to plug all conceivable and unimaginable holes in small companies, but the real one, which relies on indicators, formulas and analytics. In the early 2000s, practically no one in the CIS had any experience in this field, so he had to go after new fundamental knowledge, practice and experience to Denmark.

The studies at Aarhus University and experience of work (work experience) with international companies finally gave him an understanding that the real marketing is the most exciting role in modern business. You can reach the limits in financial accounting, become perfect in managing people, create the highest quality code in the world, but… you will never be perfect in marketing! If you want to achieve the level of world-class marketer, you need daily self-development, but even this is not the limit.

Maxim Maclay always approaches the solution of marketing problems or training individually, considering that there is no matter how significant practical experience you have in marketing, it always need to act like for the first time. Especially in our modern world with an overabundance of information and data.

Maxim is ready to share his practical experiance and give advice to everyone who really needs to create an effective marketing and sales department, who wants to set specific goals and get measurable results. Regularly organizes free guest lectures and developing competitions in universities of Russia and Belarus for future marketers. Permanent member of the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Major clients and employers for 18 years in marketing: Siemens Wind Power, Q8, Vestas, Reemtsma, Bang & Olufsen, McLaren F1 Team, Lucky Strike, Nokia, Red Bull, Bauhaus, Jonh Deere, Best Buy, 3M, Marriot International, Texas Instruments + over than 100 small and medium-size businesses (100+)


Marketing Specialization: marketing audit, marketing strategy development, operational marketing and market analyses (SWOT, 4P, competitors’ map), directions development in business, evaluation of the efficiency of the marketing department/specialist with possible training.


Victor Goman
Expert in direct and corporate sales of any scale
Chief Development Officer (CDO) of “Maclay Marketing”

Victor is a cheerful, but very serious man. Achieves the stated goals without stopping at small obstacles, but he always perfectly remembers that the devil is in the detail. All the difficulties that may arise on his way, he perceives steadfastly, and it seems that the energy of his small homeland helps this strong guy born in the Arkhangelsk region.

Viktor grew up early, by the time he was in the fifth grade, decided that he could take his father’s motorcycle and explore the distant neighborhood, not everyone shared his confidence, but strangely enough, his mother was not among the skeptics…

After graduation from school, the doors of the Belarusian State University was opened for him, where he chose the new specialty Information and Communication (Advertising and PR) for those years.

In 2002, after graduating from university, Victor started working at the military television of the Ministry of Defense, but we’re all always want something more… Quite quickly, the young specialist received an offer from a private company for the post of department head, and began to sell, promote the company in the media and attract new customers through the corporate Internet resource he created.

He wanted growth and freedom. His ambition and creativity was enough to start own business three years later. This was the first glossy magazine in Belarus, designed for a youth audience. A couple of years later he managed to sell the business profitably.

Victor was invited to manage corporate sales in a large foreign telecom company. Over the term of his work, he managed to conclude contracts with many Ministries of the country, major industry organizations and to conduct a number of actions that often helped to close sales plans when it seemed that the quarter had already been lost.

And here’s a new round! The invitation to become part of the “Maclay Marketing” team has turned into a full-fledged partnership. Today Victor firmly believes that marketing is exactly what he wants to do in the future sharing his experience to all comers.

Major clients and employers for 15 years in sales and marketing: Life :), Belarusian Railway (BCh), Belneftekhim, Belorusneft, HP, WarGaming.net, La Moda, Lukoil, Belgazprombank, Belarusbank, Priorbank, Nestlé, Zepter, Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) + more than 75 small and medium-size businesses (75+)


Sales and Marketing Specialization: marketing audit, sales department audit, direct sales B2B & B2G, evaluation of sales department qualifications, specialized software introduction in the department of marketing and sales, consulting to participation in tenders, consulting of directions development in business (business directions development consulting).


Vlad Ostrovsky
Business development expert
Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of “Maclay Marketing”

“It is better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t”.

Five years in marketing and PR. More than 7 years’ work experience in socially responsible companies and volunteer activities. Social entrepreneur. Libertarian. Vlad is an incredibly kind, bright, initiative and enterprising man. Fluently speaks English, Spanish and Russian.

He started his career at the age of 16 as a local DJ, organizing private student parties and playing music all around Belarus, where he was born, and even participated in some big rave events like Godskitchen Urban Wave and Global Gathering.

After enter the Minsk State Linguistic University, Vlad started his career as sales manager and office-manager in local private company. Than he was an assistant of the Chairman of the Minsk Council for Enterprise Development of the Minsk City Executive Committee (local Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship) and assistant of a member of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Belarus. Additionally he performed as an adviser-consultant of the Chairman of the Minsk regional organization of consumer protection defending consumer’s rights.

In 2012-2013 he passed educational year in University of Barcelona (Universidad de Barcelona) participating in studential trade union movement of Catalonia and in volunteer activities of the charity organization Rotllana Associació. After his homecoming to Minsk he also was awarded an honorary diploma of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Republic of Belarus for participating in organization of the festival of Latin American culture and obtained a diploma for volunteer work at the international forum of theatrical art “TEART”.

2014 have gained him practical promotion, marketing and biz-dev experiences: he combined his labor experience as the leading marketer specialist working with such companies as Aeroflot. Russian Airlines and Transaero with promotion of his own business. In 2017 he focused on IT-companies development and drove in acceleration of ARRM.IO startup and ARIADNA MedTech Hub as the Head of Marketing in their teams. After that he met Maxim Maclay and after a few successful joint projects was invited to become a member of Maclay Marketing team.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”, – repeats he like a motto and never stops at the halfway point.

Major clients and employers for 5 years in marketing and PR: Aeroflot. Russian Airlines, Transaero, Air France, Rotary International, T&C + over than 30 small and medium-size businesses and non-commercial organizations (30+)

Marketing Specialization: marketing strategy development, operational marketing and market analyses (SWOT, 4P, competitors’ map), business development, startup acceleration, exhibition promotion, social media marketing.