Marketing Skills

Let’s make an upgrade of your practical marketing and sales knowledge with Maclay Marketing Skills program!

Marketing Skills can be a way in which entrepreneurs and businesses seek to inform potential customers about their products or services, or can be an instrument that allows operatively find solutions for business development revealing new advantages and address deficiencies of the company. It even allows to learn more about your customers, competitors and the market or find out whether you know enough about your own products and services.

As the whole World, modern marketing is an inexorable march of progressive methods and technologies. So what, is it sufficient to have only basic theoretical knowledge to catch up with the fast-changing trends of local and global markets?
Maclay Marketing will augment your knowledge with the world-class experience and practical methods or give you the basics of Marketing Education in such spheres as strategic planning, consumer relations, marketing research, market segments, marketing campaign, advertising strategies, competitors analysis, demand analysis and pricing.

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Marketing Education (personal marketing couch)

Trial online training (up to 60 minute): FREE
Individual online training: 20 dollars/hour

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